“By the way, if the story that John will tell you ever sounds too good to be true it actually isn’t: John did a lot of very good and very important work with us, and I loved working with him. He delivered incredible numbers, but also enabled a lot of great people doing a lot of good work with him.”

David Helgason, CEO/Co-Founder, Unity Technologies

“John always kept team morale up, and made it a point for his direct reports to continuously learn as a team. His ability to work through challenging times and to develop new ways to achieve the targets were always inspiring.”

Allen Foo, Founder/CEO, VooX

“John has a rare mix of productivity and diplomacy and sets a great example for the rest of the team, and explains why everyone loves working with him.”

Wil Yang, Global Business Development, Shin Starr

“We’d not have the Unity Asia we have now without you.”

John Riccitiello, CEO, Unity Software Inc.

“Nobody knows and loves all the cultures of Asia better than John Goodale.”

Shinobu Toyoda, President/Chairman, Unity Technologies Japan

“When we hired you we knew you could sell stuff. We had no idea you could build and lead such a great team.”

David Helgason, CEO/Co-Founder, Unity Technologies